Friday, March 14, 2008

Back on track, really?

I exercised this morning and did my usual times..but it seemed harder than before vacation. I wonder if all that casino smoke I was in filled my lungs with char? Or just the week break from working out made me lose muscle.

Anyway, I feel like I am slowly wanting to go back to eating healthier (and exercising). For some reason when I came back I wanted all my favorite it because I was gone? I have to say I missed my own cooking and the food available here in GR. It wasn't bad food on the cruise, but it was just different...and I am not sure if I am a person who likes a ton of variety. I kind of stick to the same kinds of things. I eat the same cereal every morning and love it, it is always so satisfying. I look forward to it.

The weather here is finally nicer. It is sunny outside and that has definitely improved my mood..besides being away. The ice cream monster is still out in my head though....sunny must equal ice cream to me. As I have stated many times before, it is hard to go back to 24 points again. I want to loose another 10 pounds, so it is a necessity for me to get back into eater smaller portions again.

I keep thinking about how badly I want to get the rest of my weight off....but honestly I don't know if I can lose another 10 pounds after that. I am not sure if I am up for the torture of continuously cutting back for another 10 pounds.

How do people loose hundreds of pounds and not go insane? The first 15 pounds were so much easier to loose and I think that kind of plays with my head. You think it should be easier. Losing more than 20 pounds is tough for me and I know I have to be more determined to lose the additional 20. Perhaps after this week I will take a 28 point break again..but will that make it harder to keep going back? Will I get used to it again? Wow, I am starting to get glad it is Friday.

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