Thursday, June 5, 2008

Warning: Bad eating day has arrived

Okay, it was my bf's birthday yesterday but we are celebrating it today. He wanted his favorite dinner, pot roast with yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes. I am not sure how healthy pot roast meat is..but the yorkshire pudding is really bad because it is all vegetable oil and meat drippings. I also will be making him a strawberry cake with strawberry ice cream. So I know this doesn't sound like too bad of a dinner if you keep your portions down...but wait there's more!

I have a department lunch today and a local bbq joint is delivering it. What did I order? I tried to be good, but I ordered bbq roasted chicken...which comes with a 1/2 pound of fries. So this is my day of eating laid out before you....I hope I am not too sick to cook dinner. My stomach is simply not used to food like this and I need to remember to take it easy! Wish me luck in digestion.


Crabby McSlacker said...

That happens sometimes and it sure is frustrating, isn't it?

Bet you'll get right back on track though.

MizFit said...



did this weekend find you back on track?

you caint leave us hanging.



Estellia said...

Hi, Yes I got right back on track! Thanks guys I am giggling at my desk writing this. Nice to have your comments.