Thursday, June 26, 2008

You do it to yourself....

I have again been feeling grumpy for the last 2 days or so. I just can't seem to find that good feeling and keep it. I think stress from money is a big factor in it all. I have always had problems with money, and somehow managed to feel happy before..not sure what is going on. I really have nothing to be unhappy about. This in itself makes me want to eat a bit more. I think the sugar makes things feel better momentarily....but I know it doesn't in the long run. I think another thing that may be making me feel down is my job. I just haven't been feeling very good about it lately, but I have been at the same place for the last 5 a change would do me some good. The weather is a little humid but nice and sunny, in the winter I blame my bad moods on the weather.

Sometimes I think that my bad moods weren't as noticeable before because I had more distraction from them. I used to go out to dinner or eat ice cream and ignore why I was not feeling so great. I really don't have that now, so maybe going through these issues I have are just more bothersome because I am actually dealing with them when they arise. Not just shoving food in my mouth and blaming them on my weight. I have nothing to blame but myself now, and maybe this is what is so bothersome to me.

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