Friday, January 30, 2009

Fridays are almost always good days

Today is Friday! I am so has been a long week and I wasn't sure I would get through it without taking time off. I have been stressed because of the people around me are stressed. I cannot help but get stressed with that. I know it isn't my stress but the bf being stressed effects me the most. I don't like it when he isn't happy or content. I did great with eating yesterday and the bf and I ate or first salad for dinner. Yes we have never made a salad for dinner, but I have to say we both enjoyed it and would eat it again. It was just a classic chicken salad and we ate 1/2 pound of chicken on it each. It was 8 points, which isn't so bad and we put it atop spinach leaves mixed with some romaine. I then had my usual hot cocoa with ff milk for desert. I am going to try to get in my 45 minute interval walk before the bf gets home today. I feel really good today and not sore at all. I don't like being super sore and I try not to push myself to that level because it just isn't comfortable. I like to push myself in small increments and being a little sore is more of what I try to achieve on a regular basis.

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