Monday, January 19, 2009


It is Monday and really cold, but a little sunny. Sun is good. The weekend did not last long enough for me, so I have a little case of the Mondays. On the other hand I have been trying to cut down on sugar and have been doing pretty well at substituting healthier things for my candy bars. I love smoothies and have been doing those. I have been making the peanut butter banana one lately. It is quite filling..that makes up for it being 6 points. I also purchased pudding, because I figure calcium is much more healthy than candy as well. I have been trying to exercise more, but on Saturday it just didn't happen thanks to Rock Band 2.

So I am hoping I am down from the 185 weight I got up to last week. I feel a bit better and I just continue to work on things. I still wish I was going on vacation to a warm, sunny place...but oh well. Next year. It is better to save the money.

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