Thursday, March 12, 2009


I started back again at yoga last night and boy do I feel sore. I also fell asleep for the first time ever (just for a second) during savasana. All the times I have done yoga and I have done a lot of it...I have never fallen asleep. All I know is that I was dreaming about something funny that I was laughing about...I just hope I didn't laugh out loud during class. Anyway, I am going to try to call my doctor today to get another blood test for my thyroid levels. I have been so tired lately that I have been sleeping around 12 hours a day/night with naps, etc. I feel so exhausted and at first I thought it was the time change, but the bf told me last night that he thought I was sleeping too much and that I should get my levels checked. I also am very sore all the time, super cold to the point of shivers, and it all makes sense that that could be out of whack again. I think I will also request a pre-diabetes test also. Diabetes runs in my family, so it is always good for me to know what is up with that. Anyways, I still am very stressed..but I am hoping I can get that to go away soon. I just want to feel like my normal self again...and I will do anything to get back there! I am also looking forward to a fun weekend with the family.

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