Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have been lifting weights again this week. I plan to embark on 12 weeks of weight training to see if my body fat percentage ends up dropping any. I know that if you do what you always get the same results. The 5 days of cardio with one weight training session just wasn't working for me. I was hoping I could drop more weight by doing all that cardio..but I just didn't. I am slowly creeping up. I hope to put on enough muscle so that I can have a little more leeway once in a while. I would not mind if I kept the same weight and put on more muscle..but I would rather drop weight and put on muscle..if that is possible. I can only try to see what happens. I do feel the weight training and I am sore most of the time. I look at working out now as something I need to challenge myself on more. You have to keep changing things up and you have to keep adding more weight to get better results. I guess I got stuck with my workouts, but that is so easy to do.

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