Monday, March 30, 2009


Change is good, I have to say and it is necessary in life. I try to embrace changes in my life as much as possible. I have to say with change an amount of stress appears for me and causes me to fall back on my big vice of eating. I miscalculated the time it would take to make dinner last night in the slow cooker...dinner didn't get done until 8 p.m. and that is too late for us to eat. So what did we do? We ordered pizza, and they had a deal with bread sticks..and we both overate. I am still full this morning and it is very uncomfortable. I still ate breakfast and had my latte, but I am feeling out of sorts. I did exercise for an hour last night after pizza and it gave me a lot
of energy. I could lift a lot more and jog more. I understand that food is energy now like no other time in my life. I really hope I am not scarily up in weight this week from this pizza slip up. I had already eaten all of my flex points and didn't have many left for the day when I ate it. I really want to get back on track and I am glad I feel less tired and stressed this morning. I know I just need to give it some time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slowly posting

My week has been really crazy and I am still hoping to get to back to normal with things. I am up in weight, but I definitely have been more active at work. It is also TOM and this is pretty normal for me. I have had a pretty good appetite this week comparatively to the last month. I wonder if a more regulated thyroid (guess) makes you have a bigger appetite? I will have to look that one up in Google. I am going to do yoga tonight and I am always really excited about it..mainly because I feel so good afterwards.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I officially moved my office and I have to say I really like it. I do need to put up some more things, but the lighting is better and it is cozier because it is so much smaller. I also work along side with a lot more people, not just one. I kind of like that also. I do my same job, which I like also. I was able to get in some workouts this weekend and my weight lifting was not nearly as hard as it was the last couple of weeks, so I definitely think my thyroid is better balanced now. I am going to try to get back to normal as much as I possibly can now. I hope my work schedule doesn't increase too much as a result of moving, but today I like it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trying to get back to normal

So I somehow lost a little weight this week, probably due to stress. I finally have gotten on a higher thyroid medication and I feel much better. It is strange to actually feel more awake. I think this needs adjusting to...and my appetite really came back for me last night. I went to Moe's and had chips with queso and a chicken quesadilla..and I actually was able to eat the entire thing. I haven't been able to eat much lately, which I liked..but I don't know if it was stress or the thyroid thing that made that happen. Anyway I am hoping my life starts to calm down soon and I can get into a routine again. It is strange how routine can be so boring, but it is actually less stressful. I like boring.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thyroid out of whack again

I got a blood test last week Friday to monitor my thyroid levels and it indeed came back that I have too high of levels. I have to start taking more medication and be evaluated for it. I hope getting the proper dose will start to make me have more energy and feel less anxious. I just haven't been feeling good lately and I am glad that it has been proven to me that there was something going on. I am also glad that I recognized it enough to go in for a blood test.

I feel tired all day and I am completely tired right now. I long for this to go away. Anyway, I am going to pick up my new medication tonight and hope to feel better soon. I so need some energy and I am sick of sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day. I need some kind of life.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I started back again at yoga last night and boy do I feel sore. I also fell asleep for the first time ever (just for a second) during savasana. All the times I have done yoga and I have done a lot of it...I have never fallen asleep. All I know is that I was dreaming about something funny that I was laughing about...I just hope I didn't laugh out loud during class. Anyway, I am going to try to call my doctor today to get another blood test for my thyroid levels. I have been so tired lately that I have been sleeping around 12 hours a day/night with naps, etc. I feel so exhausted and at first I thought it was the time change, but the bf told me last night that he thought I was sleeping too much and that I should get my levels checked. I also am very sore all the time, super cold to the point of shivers, and it all makes sense that that could be out of whack again. I think I will also request a pre-diabetes test also. Diabetes runs in my family, so it is always good for me to know what is up with that. Anyways, I still am very stressed..but I am hoping I can get that to go away soon. I just want to feel like my normal self again...and I will do anything to get back there! I am also looking forward to a fun weekend with the family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Learning to manage stress better

I usually do not have any trouble with sleeping. I often thought I had a gift of sleeping well and soundly every night. Lately, I haven't been sleeping all that well. I think it caught up with me last night. I felt pretty exhausted while watching tv and thought I would just take a small nap. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap, then getting up and going to bed at 10 and sleeping the whole night through. I feel very well rested now. I think I have gotten too much sleep. I am happy about it, but I didn't get any exercise in last night and I went far over with my points. In times of stress I don't try to lose weight, I just try to maintain. I hope I can maintain this week but it is looking like I will have a slight gain. The kind of gain I have every other week. I have been in this pattern of losing 2 pounds, gaining 2 pounds...losing a pound....etc.

It is pretty frustrating that I was doing so well with exercising, then suddenly encountered stress that has completely thrown me off. I just wish I dealt with stress better. My goal apart from living a healthy lifestyle with eating well and exercising is now finding ways of dealing with stress better. I think yoga is a great step towards reducing my stress..but I have to admit that it is expensive. I am not sure if I can afford to do it always and that is what stops me from practicing it on a regular basis. I have tried to do yoga books and dvds on my own, but the only true method for me is doing it at a class. Other ways I am reducing my stress is by making more of an effort to pay down my debt. Those two things are what I have now...and I hope to find more ways in the future. I hope that these two things alone help me to grow more as a person and deal with stress in a more constructive way. I will never be perfect, but I always find the need for growth.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stressful times and learning to relax

Wow, it has been kind of a crazy week for me. My exercising has been suffering a bit from the stress and anxiety of everything. My office is moving to another department at work and it is not an explained decision, but it does make sense. I am going to go back to yoga for some anxiety control and well-being. Yoga is probably the best thing for me mentally when I am having a hard time relaxing. The weather has been much better here and that helps with well-being as well. I am hoping to do a 45 minute workout tonight and try and get back on track with my exercising. Maybe I will do yoga...hmm.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Self compassion

I found this really good article today while looking at FitSugar. It is about having more compassion for yourself while trying to lose weight and be healthy. I think it is definitely something that helped me because I stopped looking at a diet plan so strictly and started to give myself less guilt about messing up. I started looking at weight watchers as just the way your supposed to eat, with treats thrown in on occasion or even regularly, if I choose to do so (like at Christmas). I then try to get back to eating healthfully after a period of time. It feels good to eat good and that good feeling goes away when your not eating healthy and exercising. I am used to feeling good and I know what it feels like to feel good...and keeping that feeling around is super important to me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Better this week

I am down this week 2.4 pounds. I really think I had a lot of water weight last week with the cortisone shot and TOM. I did do well exercising this week and did 5 days of 45 minute workouts. I pushed myself hard to jog and walk fast and made my goal of 3 miles in 45 minutes this week. I feel a lot better, more fit and my foot is feeling good also. I want to continue the 45 minute workouts and continue to up my intensity. I am used to doing 45 minute workouts now, I do a 30 minute treadmill on my weight training day. I did okay with eating this week, but I didn't write down what I ate on Saturday and Sunday. That is the third week in a row that I have done that. I would like to get better about it. I just have so much fun on those days, that the last thing I want to do is to get out my journal and write down what I ate. But I should, because I still have weight to lose.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Good excercising

I had a pretty good weekend, but it was not long enough. I also got some good exercise in on Saturday and Sunday. I have been super addicted to nuts this week, it is quite strange but I was craving them. I love pecans way too much. They have more fat than almonds, but taste so much better. I just wish I would incorporate walnuts in, and in something besides brownies and ice cream. Chocolate has also been a big craving. I hate cravings, if I just could not have them I wouldn't have any kind of weight problem. I just crave sweets.