Friday, February 27, 2009

I like excercise, I just don't love it

It is Friday! I just love the weekends because I love relaxing and sleeping in. I did exercise last night and I am very tired this morning. It was really hard for me to get up. I have been trying to push myself more on the treadmill because I started slower than usual to work myself up to 45 minutes. My stamina just wasn't there until now. I don't know if it is sad or not that an extra 15 minutes of exercise made me super sore and tired for a couple of weeks. I guess I would of thought an hour would do that, not 15 minutes. I guess it is whatever the body is used to. My body likes to increase at slower friend went from no activity to running 4 miles in an hour. I don't think I would or could do that, it sounds like torture. I have to say I enjoyed my workout last night and I have been enjoying it. I didn't think I could renew my interest in exercise. I had a hard time exercising 30 minutes and walking during Christmas. So weird how things wax an wane. I now have dreams of running or feel like my body just needs to move. I am sure I could stop exercising at this point but I don't want to..and that is a great thing!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mouse wheel

I am super hungry today, not sure why but I am trying to fill myself up with some wholesome foods. I have been eating cereal for a snack, mainly because it has a good mix of protein, fat and carbs. Anyway, not much to report except for trying to continue with my healthy week and not go over in points. I got my hair cut last night so I didn't exercise. I hope to do it tonight...but not sure if I will do it until Friday. I don't have to cook tonight..I should..uggh. I am trying to do at least 5 less, but more if I can. 6 days is best, but hard to fit in. It is getting easier to do the 45 minutes than it was before and somehow I feel a bit more fit. My foot is starting to feel a lot better, it just is sore after my workouts...but I can deal with that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Frustration may be at its highest level

I am up this week. I had my cortisone shot in my foot and I only got in 3 days of excercise. I also have TOM this week. This makes a big difference in my week. I may also just start to be in maitaining mode because trying to lose weight is starting to make me crazy. I am torn between wanting to lose and knowing that it is going to take a lot of reform just to lose 5 pounds. I know it may sound like a cop out, but perhaps this is a weight my body is happy with. I really don't want it to be that way, but unfortunately my weight isn't budging much no matter what I do. I am proud that I am now doing 45 minute workouts and they don't make me feel sore and horrible. I also added more fruit and cut way down on my candy/sugar intake. If those things don't produce weight loss, I am at a loss as to what to do. I think I am making healthy lifestyle changes that should produce results..but I know everyday I am getting healthier and it is good. I just ask my body why these things are not enough for it to let go of this extra 10 pounds? I am frustrated and I will just try again this week and every week to come...but it is just hard.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life and its little ups and downs

I was feeling bad yesterday. I messed up our dinner and added the wrong we had to go get Jimmy Johns. I have never done that before. I guess I was having a really bad day and didn't know it until I got home. I have to say it is hard to get out of the blahs. I don't always snap right back, but I attribute this snap back to my 45 minute interval walk last night. I actually started feeling better while I was on the treadmill. There have been so many studies done that say exercise is a natural antidepressant, and I believe it. But it is also my TOM starting today/tomorrow, so maybe it is a hormone surge or something. So strange when your feeling good most of the time to have a really bad day where you can't think and you can't get out of a bad mood. I so hate those days. I also still am dealing with a hurt foot, so that puts me in a bad mood because my foot hurts bad after getting off the treadmill..but I felt so good I didn't care yesterday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter blues

I haven't felt like posting or even journaling my food intake lately. I think the whole foot injection thing really threw me off with things. I just haven't had any energy and haven't felt good for the last week. The bruises are finally healing though and it is feeling better..but it just isn't great yet. I did buy some new jogging shoes, but those are not broken in so they are bothering me a bit too. Uggh, and the went away and now it is back. Yuck. I really cannot wait for better weather, except it starts raining big time when the snow is gone and that isn't much fun either...but at least it isn't freezing. I am starting to feel like I am just trying to get through it, the weather. I miss having a March vacation and I am really staring to feel burned out. I hope I start feeling a bit better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Foot feeding

My foot is feeling much better today. I have been really resting and elevating it. I did nothing but lay on the couch last night with my foot up. It is nice to step and not feel pain and aching. I am hoping to resume exercise either on Friday or Saturday, but I am in need of replacing my shoes. They are now a year old and really do not have much padding or support left. With my feet, I need to replace them more than that....I need to remember to go pick up a pair on Friday. I just hate how expensive they are, but it is a needed investment.

Anyway, I didn't have a great day with eating yesterday because it was raining and I was craving chocolate chip cookies. I dipped into my flex points a little more than I wanted to, but luckily I do not think we are eating out at all this week. So it should be fine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't take excercise for granted

I have say excercise is a good thing and helps in weight control. I managed to actually lose weight this week, even though I didn't eat all that well. I went overboard on Valentines Day to a point of uncomfortable fullness, but I excercised 45 minutes 5 days last week and my weight is down. I really wasn't expecting it, but I am happy about it. This makes me think that my body likes 45 minutes and is willing to perhaps let go of some weight if I work out for that time. Who knows? I will try to see what happens next week.

I just got a cortisone shot in my foot yesterday, so excercising has to take a little break this week. It is still quite sore today.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning to know when to stop

Wow, I learned something new this weekend. I think drinking somehow makes you able to eat more or not recognize that you are full already. I had 2 glasses of wine at dinner out and I knew I was full..but not as full as I felt 2 hours later, the rest of the night and the day after. I must of ate a lot more than I thought and the wine made me not realize it. I am not trying to blame overeating on wine, but I really thought that I wasn't THAT full. I have not been that uncomfortable in a long time. Sleeping was almost impossible and I had what I think was acid reflux. I am not kidding. Just one meal was enough to make me feel ill. I guess my body isn't used to that. I think I probably should stay away from the alcohol when going out to eat next time. I love a good glass of wine on occasion, but I have to learn some kind of lesson from our Saturday meal. We were both stuffed to the gills with food and that made for an uncomfortable night. I guess our eyes are still bigger than our stomachs when we dine out. I am grateful that we cook low fat healthy meals at home, otherwise we would of been gaining the whole time we have been together. We simply eat more and go way more overboard when dining out together. I am afraid to weigh myself this week..uggh.

Friday, February 13, 2009


I didn't post yesterday and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to post today except for Happy Valentines Day! I am excited to go out for a romantic dinner tomorrow night with the bf. Hoping I don't eat too much food and chocolate, and just try to enjoy myself.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Up 1.8

I had a gain this week and I deserved it. I was sick and did not cook or exercise much last week. I hope to reverse most of this next week, but I have been having pain in my foot and really tight calf muscles. I hope to start feeling better soon with that also. So many things come into play with a healthy lifestyle and it is a lot of work sometimes, but I try to make it my habit or the way things are usually. I think that helps because I am so a creature of habit and routine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weather, foot, gain...uggh!

We are having some sort of a warm-up this week here. It is currently 48 degrees, but it feels like 43 according to the Weather Channel. Michigan weather is so weird every year. Anyway, it is supposed to get colder during the end of this week..I just wish it would stay when it warms up. It is like a cruel trick. You get used to the slightly warmer weather and it gets cold again and it feels super cold..because your not used to it anymore.

Anyway, my foot issue (ganglion cyst) is acting up again so I have to go in for another cortisone shot. This is one of the most painful things I have to do regularly. It makes me cry and scream and squirm. In the long run though, it makes my foot feel good. I just have to take that first few days off from exercising because I can't feel my foot. I am hoping for an okay weigh-in Wednesday morning (I just hope it isn't really bad). I worked really hard the week before last and if I went back up to 185 I may cry. But if I did, I will get it down again...right? Right.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh crap

Wow, I have been sick. I got a super bad cold and the bf got a cold plus a sinus infection and he had to go to the hospital. All that feeling bad led to a lack of cooking and exercise for this week, which I am disappointed about since I was doing so well. We had to order out because both of us were to sick to cook. So it was pizza, Chinese and fast food for most of the week. We then made a super filling dinner last night and I had no idea what the calories were but I was super full from it. Uggh, it is not easy to eat well unless you have the time and health to cook for yourself. Anyway, I am hoping to reverse some of this this week and from now on. I am sure I will have a gain this week and I am bummed. Bummed about a lot of things right now. I just gotta keep going and doing the things I need to do.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Down 1.4 and a little grumpy today

I haven't been in a great mood today but I am down 1.4 pounds this week. I am happy about that and the 45 minute workouts are giving me results. I am a little sore, but I am hoping that will go away soon. That seems like the only downside..well, besides the extra time. If this helps me get past my 180 plateau, it is worth it to me. I am super hungry already and it isn't even noon yet. The sun is shining which is good, so I am hoping I can cheer up a bit this afternoon. I went to bed last night before 9 p.m. because I didn't feel good and was really sore. This somehow made me feel grumpy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sore throat

The bf is super sick and I think I am coming down with something now. I felt fine this weekend, but now I am getting a sore throat. I have been doing really great this week and did 45-60 minute workouts all week. My right calf muscle is super sore, which kind of sucks. I am taking today off from exercising and it is a good thing since I am feeling a bit ill and the soreness. The only thing I hate from exercising more is the soreness. I know the soreness is good though because it means I am getting stronger. I have also done really well with the cutting down on candy although I felt a bit too full from the pb smoothie I had last night. I think there was too much oil in it because I used a new natural pb and it always has that top of oil. I maybe didn't stir it as good as I should of. Anyway I am off to be productive, I hope.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a quick post

It is Monday and the bf has been sick all weekend. I also have way too much work to do. I feel stressed and sore from working out a lot this week. I wish I could relax a bit more. I am trying. I really hope I don't get sick from the bf. We pretty much stayed away from each other all weekend. I have been doing quite well this week and weekend and hope to get in another 45 minute workout tonight...even though my back is quite sore from all the inclines.