Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sore throat

The bf is super sick and I think I am coming down with something now. I felt fine this weekend, but now I am getting a sore throat. I have been doing really great this week and did 45-60 minute workouts all week. My right calf muscle is super sore, which kind of sucks. I am taking today off from exercising and it is a good thing since I am feeling a bit ill and the soreness. The only thing I hate from exercising more is the soreness. I know the soreness is good though because it means I am getting stronger. I have also done really well with the cutting down on candy although I felt a bit too full from the pb smoothie I had last night. I think there was too much oil in it because I used a new natural pb and it always has that top of oil. I maybe didn't stir it as good as I should of. Anyway I am off to be productive, I hope.

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