Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter blues

I haven't felt like posting or even journaling my food intake lately. I think the whole foot injection thing really threw me off with things. I just haven't had any energy and haven't felt good for the last week. The bruises are finally healing though and it is feeling better..but it just isn't great yet. I did buy some new jogging shoes, but those are not broken in so they are bothering me a bit too. Uggh, and the went away and now it is back. Yuck. I really cannot wait for better weather, except it starts raining big time when the snow is gone and that isn't much fun either...but at least it isn't freezing. I am starting to feel like I am just trying to get through it, the weather. I miss having a March vacation and I am really staring to feel burned out. I hope I start feeling a bit better.

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