Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween treats

Well Happy Halloween! I successfully made it through the movie party last night and did not overeat. I had 3 pieces of cheese pizza and 1 little M&M fun size package and 1 little Mike & Ike package. I actually didn't want more after that. The thing that made me still want to eat was watching everyone else keep going back for more and eating nonstop. It is so weird to watch other "young & thin" people eat 10 mini candy bars and not think that I can do that too. I however told myself when the temptation hit that I cannot do that too....because I have a weight problem that I need to take care of. It is so easy to be in denial about being overweight. I did that for a long time and weighed over 200 pounds. If I want to be healthly I cannot give myself that delusion anymore. This kind of makes me think of another post, a post about my evil weight number of 200....when I get over 200 pds. I know I am too fat.

Hunger Signs

I read the other day that you have actual hunger signs and that you are not suppossed to let yourself get overly hungry or overly full. You should aim for a "5" or "6" at the most for a meal, especially dinner. Don't remember where I got this from but I kept it and reference it quite a lot.

1. Insatiably hungry
2. Seriously hungry
3. Stomach growling hungry
4. Slightly hungry
5. No longer hungry but not yet satisfied
6. Comfortably satisfied
7. Starting to feel full
8. Feeling quite full
9. Starting to get a stomach ache from so much food
10. In actual pain from overeating

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My first blog

Well this is my first journaling post and I have to say it is a bit strange to put an online diary about my weight and lets face it about my life up in public for the world to see (Maybe noone will see it I say to myself).

Anyway I like journaling and find it is a good release or vent for my frustrations about life and dieting. Why is dieting such a huge undertaking? Why is it what your life is about when you are doing it? Why is it so dang hard? Why does society value women for their looks? Uggh..anyway, so far I have lost around 10 pds. I weigh in around 195 and started at 205.

I don't know if I will lose weight this week because tonight I am going to a Halloween movie party with treats and pizza. I love pizza and candy....Halloween has always been tough for me in the past. I really want to see how I conquer this one.

Oh and by the way, my prefered method of weight loss is Weight Watchers.


What kind of cookie are you?

I am a white chocolate macadamia these, but not the greatest for you.
What are you?