Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hunger Signs

I read the other day that you have actual hunger signs and that you are not suppossed to let yourself get overly hungry or overly full. You should aim for a "5" or "6" at the most for a meal, especially dinner. Don't remember where I got this from but I kept it and reference it quite a lot.

1. Insatiably hungry
2. Seriously hungry
3. Stomach growling hungry
4. Slightly hungry
5. No longer hungry but not yet satisfied
6. Comfortably satisfied
7. Starting to feel full
8. Feeling quite full
9. Starting to get a stomach ache from so much food
10. In actual pain from overeating

1 comment:

Emily said...

wow! I have not seen that scale before but it is totally accurate. I skipped breakfast this morning and by lunch I was insationably hungry- so what did I do...I ate until my stomach physically hurt. Great, huh?