Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mouse wheel

I am super hungry today, not sure why but I am trying to fill myself up with some wholesome foods. I have been eating cereal for a snack, mainly because it has a good mix of protein, fat and carbs. Anyway, not much to report except for trying to continue with my healthy week and not go over in points. I got my hair cut last night so I didn't exercise. I hope to do it tonight...but not sure if I will do it until Friday. I don't have to cook tonight..I should..uggh. I am trying to do at least 5 less, but more if I can. 6 days is best, but hard to fit in. It is getting easier to do the 45 minutes than it was before and somehow I feel a bit more fit. My foot is starting to feel a lot better, it just is sore after my workouts...but I can deal with that.

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