Monday, March 30, 2009


Change is good, I have to say and it is necessary in life. I try to embrace changes in my life as much as possible. I have to say with change an amount of stress appears for me and causes me to fall back on my big vice of eating. I miscalculated the time it would take to make dinner last night in the slow cooker...dinner didn't get done until 8 p.m. and that is too late for us to eat. So what did we do? We ordered pizza, and they had a deal with bread sticks..and we both overate. I am still full this morning and it is very uncomfortable. I still ate breakfast and had my latte, but I am feeling out of sorts. I did exercise for an hour last night after pizza and it gave me a lot
of energy. I could lift a lot more and jog more. I understand that food is energy now like no other time in my life. I really hope I am not scarily up in weight this week from this pizza slip up. I had already eaten all of my flex points and didn't have many left for the day when I ate it. I really want to get back on track and I am glad I feel less tired and stressed this morning. I know I just need to give it some time.

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