Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

It is Wednesday. I came down with some kind of stomach flu this weekend, which really sucked! I wish I could of enjoyed my weekend more. Anyway, I made up for not eating that much this weekend yesterday. I was so hungry and hot I had to stop for ice cream after work. There is very little ac at work and the ac in my car broke so it is super hot everywhere. I am a bit annoyed by it. Life is more enjoyable with ac in your car. Oh how I dream of a newer car with air! This week it is 90+ degrees and humid.

So I am reading a new book that I will post a review on as soon as I finish it. I am almost done and will probably finish it tonight. I am still hovering around 185 with my weight. I am hoping to start seeing lower number soon, but I didn't exercise much this week, some of it because I was feeling ill.

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