Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have to make permanent changes

I haven't been posting much at all lately due to stress and being busy. I also just can't seem to get a handle on my eating...and not to blame others, but I have been invited and been the host of too many eating get togethers. I love that Monday is Memorial Day and I get an extra day off from work, but I am hoping I can make some better choices with food on those days. For a belated Mother's Day that we hosted this weekend we made her a chocolate cake (her request) and we just finished it for leftovers. I have been eating a piece everyday with ice cream. This is not a big help with losing or maintaining weight! I also have the added bonus of TOM this week, which also makes my appetite a bit crazy.

I went to the doctor for my annual physical yesterday and I asked her if it is normal for my appetite to increase with an increase of my hypothyroid medication..and she said I shouldn't have a larger appetite. It is weird because when I started the more than double amount of medication to re-regulate my thyroid my appetite went up bigtime. I went from not having much of an appetite to a huge one..eating probably double what I did before. Is this just all in my head? I don't know, but I hope I can get things together once again. A big note to self is that having a healthy lifestyle takes dedication and permanent changes.....permanently!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Interesting that your doctor thinks the thyroid medication isn't responsible... sure seems like a coincidence then! I thought thyroid issues and appetite could be related, but I'm no doctor.

It's hard to stay away from something like leftover chocolate cake! So it sounds like having healthier food choices around and fewer temptations is a great idea.

And good for you for being committed to making permanent changes. It's hard to avoid backsliding, but the important thing is get back on track again which it sounds like you are!

Estellia said...

Thanks Crabby! I appreciate your comment.