Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A permanent lifestyle change

I am a little disappointed that I have to weigh in tomorrow. I am going to a baseball game tonight, a party with one of the bf's clients. Of course I am going to eat things I shouldn't and of course I will be eating a dinner full of processed foods, preservatives and probably trans fat. And to add to all of this...my weight will probably be scary tomorrow morning. I am considering a skip on the weigh-in this week..but is that just being in denial or saving me the bad feelings about it?

I also have the day off tomorrow to get some service done on my car...so I just may skip the whole weigh-in just this once. I hate saying or doing it because I am scared that it will lead to me abandoning my weight loss efforts completely. I like being this weight and I am not going to gain! I just have way too many fears because I have gained the weight back before. Uggh, I just need to rebalance myself..and hope that my motivation returns.

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