Friday, May 8, 2009

Not having money does suck

I am happy that it is Friday again. I had Wednesday off, but the week just felt long to me. Anyway, I hope to get a workout in after work today. The bf is going home to let the doggy out so I can eat lunch here and leave at 4. I want to promptly go home and jump on the treadmill for a half hour. I just haven't had the motivation to work out that much this week. I have been doing a lot of yoga because I have been trying to use up my package. It has an expiration date and if you don't use them you loose them.

I also think about how great it would be to join the Y. I would love to have more variety in my exercise..but I just don't have the money. I need to pay off my debt and then get another I feel a little hopeless that I will never have extra money to join. It is kind of expensive to join the Y unless you have a large family. I also have joined gyms in the past and didn't go much. I have been taking a new route home from work to avoid the traffic jam...and I drive right past the Y. Wouldn't it be nice.

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