Thursday, March 20, 2008

4 day weekend

I am lucky I work for a catholic college because I get a four day weekend this weekend. I don't have to work Friday or Monday. I am hoping to have some nice down time to do some things for myself. I want to paint and read and do some home decor shopping...and take my dog for a groom and a is supposed to snow tomorrow though. :(

Anyway, I am in such a better mood than I was on Tuesday. I think it is great how I snapped out of it, and I definitely do not suffer from depression because I never have more than one bad day in a row, unless something bad has happened to me. I got my hair cut and dyed yesterday..not sure if I like it, but I am not sure I care all that much.

I worked out this morning and yesterday morning and that makes me feel good, like I am on the right track. I am hoping I do a lot better this week than last, especially with the weights. I have been slacking big time on them and I know they are beneficial to keeping my muscle mass even while I loose the weight.

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