Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lost my desire for ice cream

When I look back on my life and think about the food I ate a lot of, I would have to say it was ice cream. I remember when I lived in my apartment and would eat a whole frozen pizza followed with the biggest bowl of ice cream I could fit into the bowl, every night. I think now about what I like to eat and ice cream hasn't been in the equation.

I go to TCBY sometimes, but mostly only once a week..if that. When I was a kid we always had ice cream and I always ate it, everyday. This was also true for most of my adulthood. I like that I don't eat much of it now, but wonder how I lost such a fattening habit? I wrote a post about it hurting my stomach..and yes it does. Why didn't it bother me then? Was I just used to it?

The last time I went to TCBY, I ordered the pb yogurt with peanut butter cups...and it didn't taste all that good. I know it wasn't spoiled or anything..but I think I have lost the taste for it. I threw away most of it and thought, I would of preferred a candy bar. Anyway, I find this highly interesting. I was so obsessed with ice cream for so long...I guess not eating it made it not part of my diet, so my body learned to go without it? I hope I never go back to eating it so much again..but I probably will.


Anonymous said...

Ice cream isn't a food I have very often. But I have it once in a while. I get a bowl of the strawberry/cherry cheesecake kind from the cone shop for a treat. Had some recently.
What's TCBY?

Estellia said...

It is "The Country's Best Yogurt." I think it is a chain, but we only have one here.