Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geneen Roth

I wrote a while back that I read a book about eating what you wanted in order to overcome your food obsessions. I found the book and the author, it was Geneen Roth. After reading her book "How to overcome emotional eating", I started eating pop tarts for breakfast and tons of sugar including flurries and candy bars all day. I thought hey if this is what I want and I will overcome this eating problem by eating it..why not? No, not so good. That was the beginning of gaining back the first 10 pds. of my weight loss with weight watchers.

What reminded me of this book was the Paul McKenna stuff of TLC. See my previous post. He is a big rip off of Geneen Roth and basically stole her "eat what you want" idea. I watched the second part of the series on TLC last night from tivo. He introduced some tapping acupuncture that would redirect your mind off of food. This was not something in Geneen's book though. I did the tapping thing along with him in one of the parts. I have to say I wasn't hungry or craving anything at the I don't know if it would work, but I think that this approach isn't the right thing for me.

Don't get me wrong...this may work for some, but I am the personality type that had to be told what to eat (5 fruits & veggies, milks, etc.) in order to know how to eat. I was never really told nutrition basics. I also would use any excuse to not exercise....and the fact that he hasn't mentioned exercise kind of alarms me. He has paraded many of his success stories without all the info...I think this leads people to believe his "3 golden rules" are all they need to be successful, when that isn't entirely the case with most people. Anyway, I will keep watching it just because of curiosity.....but I wonder if he will ever bring up exercise?

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