Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling hungry today

Okay, I did loose a little this week..but I am kind of tired of posting the little ups and downs of my weight. I am doing quite well maintaining and I just want to keep up with what I am doing throughout the holidays. Also, if you want to be added into this blog for comments...please don't include links and please do not solicit weight loss plans, or your comment will not be posted.

I am glad it is Wednesday mainly because I get Jimmy John's for lunch. That is my weekly get out lunch and I love the Turkey Tom w/ no mayo add cucumber. We had an ice storm last night so the roads are not very driveable. I am glad that JJ's is practically around the corner. Can you tell that I am hungry? Perhaps I need a snack. I like the feeling of hunger because it means I am operating on the energy my body needs....but then again it is really uncomfortable. A survival mechanism I know. I don't have much to blog about I am going to cut this short.

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