Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting ready for weekend

It is Friday and really snowy outside. It took a lot longer to get to work today. I am going to a surprise party tonight for a friend and I hope it is a lot of fun, but I do have to go to it in a lot of snow. What shoes to wear is my only question? I want to wear my Ugg boots because they are so comfy and warm, but I may dare to wear less of a shoe based on wardrobe. I have a lunch today to go to and snacks and drinks tonight..I hope I don't go overboard on either one of them. The bf also wants to go to the china buffet on Saturday, then we have to go to his grandma's for a nice fatty dinner. Too much eating this weekend! I did not plan on this fork in the road, I just need to remember to eat small portions.

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