Monday, December 8, 2008

The month of December

I had a really fun weekend, filled with a lot of food..but isn't that what December is for? I had some strange notion that December would not be a hard month for me. Where did I get that idea from? I have parties every Friday until Christmas and they all involve food. I am trying very hard to eat small portions, but when it comes to the desserts...that goes out the window a bit. I love the desserts at hopefully I can get my fill and then I won't crave them ever again. Yeah, right.

Anyways, I thought I would make a conscious effort to exercise this month...but that hasn't always been that great either. The last 2 weeks, I haven't been at my optimum amount. I will keep trying..and my goal is maintenance only this month, and I am confident that I can do that. Secretly I still want to loose...but who doesn't? I hope after Christmas I will get the motivation to go crazy and loose 20 pounds...but I would be happy with 5. I also asked for ice skates for Christmas, which I think is good exercise. Perhaps I can start doing that for a little extra activity this winter. I wish skiing wasn't so expensive...and no one will downhill ski with me. I must find a ski buddy. I will start looking.

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