Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guilt not related to food...finally

After last night, I think I could easily replace eating with shopping. I went to the mall to get Christmas presents and to look at things I want for a list I make for the bf. I have to say that this is dangerous for me. I find things to buy for myself and I always make an excuse to buy them..such as "nothing fits me", "that has a hole in it", "I gave that to Goodwill"....all that stuff. I must stop myself. I have to cut myself off. I have bought too much and now I am looking for stuff to take back in order to make myself feel better (and stuff I don't think I will wear). The real problem is that I finally look good in just about everything. Not a problem..but a problem for the wallet. Then I turn on the radio or the TV or look on the Internet and see that several thousand more people lost their jobs this week. How can I not feel bad, awful and guilty for shopping when others don't even have jobs?

I am going to make an extra effort this year to give more to food banks, goodwill, and anything I can. I hate that this is happening and people have to suffer. I really hope that America can turn this around. I hope Obama can make a difference in inflation and help Americans live more equally with less poverty.

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