Monday, December 15, 2008

Too much

I have to say I had a little trouble this weekend with food. The month of December has been a huge partyfest for me. I did not plan for this, but how can you? So many people are asking us out for dinner and I am not able to choose the place. I really cannot believe that so many restaurants here still don't have healthy options. I went to a local place to eat with the family on Saturday night, and out of no healthy options opted to get a grilled chicken sandwich. I ordered it w/ no mayo and they put a crapload of mayo on it anyway. I managed to scrap most of it off, but still. I felt bloated and stuffed after I ate it. I kind of think it was swimming in butter to. They had no salads and their special was ribs, which everyone else got with fries. I did eat some fries too..and they were probably the greasiest fries I have had in a long time. I am afraid to weigh myself and I am hoping for an okay number this week. I also had the bf Christmas party with heavy heavy appetizers on Friday, then the bf talked me into the Chinese buffet on Saturday. Uggh, too much crap.

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