Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Food obsession

Ever have those days where you feel skinnier than you are? I do. I also have the opposite (more on a regular basis). I was getting ready for work this morning and looked at my waist in the mirror..and it looked skinny. It was weird. I actually looked small. Is this a figment of my imagination? I know I am still overweight..and perhaps it was the fact that I didn't eat breakfast yet or that I don't carry most of my weight in my stomach. I just felt proud and fabulous about myself. I like this feeling. I don't often feel fat unless I stare at my thighs for long periods of time..which I try not to do too much. I have to say that every day I don't feel the need to binge on sweets is a good day for me. These days now only happen rarely.

I used to love that butter cream frosting on cakes and since my bf's nephew's birthday I know I do not like it. I used to look at photo's in the Meijer circular and stare longingly at the frosted cake photos in it. I now think it looks kind of gross. I have recently been thinking that food obsession is a learned skill. I also think it is a skill you can unlearn. I know I picked it up from both of my obese parents..and I have to say I know in my adulthood I can unlearn this...as hard as it seems to be. As always, just when I think I have kicked the habits....I somehow seem to have small periods when I fall back into them. I know it is okay, but I just always seem to question whether or not I can get back from the brink.

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