Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stress relief and sonovial fluid

I got a new office chair and it actually supports my back. It has a lumbar pump in it. It isn't the most high quality chair, but it is way better than the old one. So I am hoping this takes care of my back soreness. I did yoga last night and it is still gentle yoga, but the teacher pushes you a little more. I was shaking and snapping and popping all over the place. The instructor told me that I may lack sonovial fluid and that I should drink more water. I just nodded but I thought to myself, isn't 2 liters a day enough? Next week the yoga center is closed so I hope I don't get too stressed out, since I have been using it as my stress reliever.

Last night I dreamt about drinking water all night, I guess I should drink more. I had some ice cream and that always seems to make me thirsty for some reason. The ice cream was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed it because I haven't had it in so long. It was my special treat for after yoga. I am also a little excited because I may be getting an iPhone today. Not that I need it because I am so busy, but the bf got one and I so want one too. It has an iPod in it, that is the super cool part..and a many things that my old cell phone (from 1997) didn't have.

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