Thursday, August 28, 2008


After reading the Great Fitness Experiment's article on the MILF phenomenon, I think I have had enough of mommy makeovers and the crazy fascination with looking younger. At some point isn't it all too much to expect to look like your in your 30's when your in your 50's? Also to add to my exhaustion on the subject, I have been watching a show on WE called "The Secret Lives of Women." I tivo'd it and watched it last night. Am I the only one who thinks these women look bad? The surgery makes them look so men really think they are attractive? One lady got made over to look like Dolly Pardon (without the overly large chest). Does she think that looks good? I think she looked a lot better before. Am I missing something about this all? Can I not understand because I am 33 and my looks haven't washed away with gravity yet? Am I biased because I just don't care all that much about looking frozen and plastic when I get older?

I do know there are some women that do look better and not plastic with a little botox here and there....but where are these women? Why do they not have the conservative women on any shows? I guess the extreme is just so much more entertaining...but seeing this makes me never want to have plastic surgery for fear of looking like a complete unnatural freak when it is all done and over! I am old-fashioned and I would rather just try to look my best at these ages, instead of trying to look 30 all my life.

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