Monday, August 18, 2008


I am a bit hungry this morning, but the weird thing is is that it is a weird hungry..that I am not sure is actual hunger. I guess I will know in about a half hour. I am trying to do 2 snacks between meals because I am sick of going home to make dinner and being super hungry. That is not a comfortable feeling. I did that this weekend and felt a lot better. I had more energy then I usually do. Snacks are the way to go because on the way home from work I am often tempted to stop and get ice cream or something else before dinner. I don't, but the temptation of it is annoying.

I have been doing well and this weekend I saw the lowest number I have ever seen on the scale, lets hope it transfers to my Wednesday weigh-in. I will cross my fingers. If I did get past my 182 sticking point, I attribute the success to my fruit smoothies and 2 snacks.

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