Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3 Candy bars does not = weight loss

So I weighed myself a day early this morning. Wednesday is usually my weigh-in day. It looks like I gained about a half a pound (unofficially)! My second ten pounds doesn't feel like it is coming off as easy. I know why the scale is up...my 3 candy bars plus cookies on Halloween and munching on marshmallows throughout the week. I think that Weight Watchers wants you to eat something a little healthier than cookies and candy with your extra points. Duh.

So I do excercise, which if you do the math on a calorie calculator site you can see how much more you can eat then when you don't excercise. So...I think I am going to go for the jogging workout card from Nordictrack. That is the treadmill I own. I hate giving them the free advertising, but their little workout cards are kind of cool. I am the kind of person who does not have the motivation on my own to up the intensity of my workout without a program. I will just walk at 3 mph if I let myself. So anyway, these make me push myself. I already have done the beginner weight loss card twice so I think it is time to get my butt in gear and start jogging. Sometimes in the past I have found it is easier to jog than to walk really fast....so I am hoping this is still true. If anyone wants to comment on that that or anything, it would be cool.

I also lift weights 3 times a week using my boyfriends bowflex machine. Sometimes I think I am a big dummy and am not using the machine correctly....shouldn't I be buff by now? I have been lifting longer than I have been cutting calories. (I thought maybe I can just lift and excercise and lose weight, NOPE). I have been lifting since July and weight watching since September. But that is only like 4 months or something. Anyway, I hope the bowflex is helping me. Also we have a body fat measuring scale and that scale bothers me a little. My body fat is way too high and when I get on that thing I am reminded of how far I still need to go. It is depressing sometimes. You cannot be in denial about your weight when you have that scale.

So lesson for this week and note to self: STEP IT UP, and cut down the sugar.

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