Monday, November 26, 2007

Work can be annoying..and stuff about Thanksgiving

It is the Monday after Thanksgiving. I had to run some errands before coming to work, so came in around 10 a.m. I thought I would have a relaxing morning and be able to wind up into work, but a department at work wanted something and would not stop calling me. Another person in the dept. came up to talk to me about the same thing, while another was calling my co-worker asking where I was. Why on earth are people so annoying? Why can I not relax a little this morning? Why is this my problem if you cannot think ahead? Anyway, it really stressed me out and now I am trying to calm. Usually this would of sent me running out to lunch to avoid those annoying people, but I just did other things to calm writing this post.

So my Thanksgiving wasn't too bad. We made the food and it was so delicious, the way I like it. I was obsessing about pumpkin pie and so I made one in the oven after dinner. I let it cool for about 30 minutes. I cut into it and it was liquid gooo. I still had about a half a piece of goo with crust before I thought..this is gross! So I ending up giving it away. I never really had the pumpkin pie I wanted. I went to the store on Saturday for groceries and looked for a cut in half pumpkin pie..but of course one didn't exist. I in no way trust myself with buying a whole pie, so I passed it up. Maybe on Christmas?

So I really liked the food I wasn't looking forward to better than the stuff I was looking forward to. It was hard not to shovel it in. I made myself slow down many times...but shoveling is soo much fun. All in all I did shovel a bit, but did pretty darn good on Thanksgiving...minus the pumpkin pie.

Hope my weigh-in is good this week!

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