Monday, November 5, 2007

Hello Monday

Well I thought I would of suffered through the weekend not being able to eat very much because I ate all my flexpoints almost on Halloween. All but 10. I felt sick on Thursday and Friday and did not eat much. I wonder why? I felt better Saturday and Sunday, managed to eat well and excercise, so I didn't feel that deprived. So strange but it wasn't that bad.

I have been reading quite a lot of other blogs and find that people actually do not eat their flex points. I don't know how they do that? The flex points are what I actually like about Weight Watchers and keeps me on plan. I can have little splurges each week, just not big ones. Anyway, if I had one piece of advice for people who wanted to lose weight I would say buy a treadmill and use it! Use it as much as you can. Being healthy is so much more important than starving yourself.

Diet absurdity to me: My boyfriends mother is on a diet and she says she trys to eat 500 calories a day. She injects herself with HGH and says she is not hungry. I try to be nice about this to her, but your body needs at least 1200 calories a day just to sit. If you excercise, it needs so much more. That is why excercise is good, you can actually eat....not starve. It also helps with depression and anxiety, stuff I deal with from time to time.

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