Monday, November 12, 2007

Rainy Mondays

So I don't have a topic for today, but will still write. That is the point of a blog isn't it?

It is a rainy Monday and we had a fire drill this morning at work. I went out because I could not stand listening to the bell thingy. Anyway, when I went out I was not embarrassed or hiding my fat body...I actually felt confident and good about myself. I did not cover up in a coat, I just went out. This is a big one for me, I usually feel a little ashamed about my fatness, but I feel fit and my weight loss has made me much more confident. I am aware that I still need to loose, but it is so nice to feel proud of yourself. Sometimes I mistake confidence for having a big ego or being conceited. I no longer think that, if you think your hot..go ahead and think it I won't fault ya. Women are strange about this, and tend to get jealous...why is that?

Anyway, I have to say I have been inspired lately by reading my usual round of blogs. Especially, one I got from Roni's blog to another blog about perfectionism. I do think that was my problem when I was in Weight Watchers before. I did look at it like a crash diet. I wanted to see how much I could loose in the shortest amount of time. That made me do crazy things like starve myself or not have things I was craving. Now, if I ate my points for the day and am still hungry, I usually have a glass of chocolate milk or a snack. I should not go to bed uncomfortably hungry. That sucks and makes it seem like a crash diet. This is a lifestyle change for me, not torture.

The craving thing is a little strange. My cravings are changing, which I never thought would happen. I do crave sweets still...but I don't eat the quantity. I still have the desire, but I had to change my approach to it. I tell myself a serving or two is enough. If I have more I will have to deal with weight gain and that is not worth it.

Enough about eating..It is making me hungry.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the perfectionism post!

Sounds like what you're doing now makes a lot of sense--not driving yourself crazy trying to be perfect but also keeping your priorities clear and remembering your goals.

(And it's not raining where I am, thank goodness! I get a little gloomy when it rains).

Estellia said...

Hi Crabby,
Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it! Your a great blogger! I read your site regularly now.