Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day before Thanksgiving...

I weighed in today and am up 1.8 pds. I am not super happy about the weight gain, but I lost 1% in body fat and 1" off my chest and hips. I am thinking I gained some muscle this week, and perhaps some fat..but not all a bad gain of just fat, so that is good. It also was my birthday last week and I could of miscalculated my points for my San Chez dinner or my burgers or my desserts...who knows? I also went over on points 2 days last week by about 2.

I have been trying to change my lifestyle since the end of July, but started counting points in August. I have not gained any weight since my counting in August so I guess a weight gain was bound to happen at some time. This was the most difficult week so far for me. Not only because of my 28 pt. dinner on my birthday, but also because I was so hungry for the rest of the week. It was like my body wanted to gain weight back. It is possible because the body is such a sohpisticated never know what it is thinking..even if you do own it.

I have been reading a lot of articles about weight loss and maintenance, etc. and always feel a bit confused by all the statistics they throw out. Why is all this stuff so confusing? Eat breakfast before working out in the morning, don't eat breakfast before working many different opinions on what works. I know I need to find something that works for me, but it is hard to not let people (doctors) get into your head and mess you up. They do study all of this don't they?

Well, I want to get back on track this week but it is of course Thanksgiving. I am going to try to save my flexpoints for it, but feel a little dissapointed that I cannot spread them out for another week in a row. Spreading them out makes life a lot easier. I can try to do that...but I really want pumpkin pie. I will try my hardest though. I just hope this gets easier and not harder like it has been getting each week. It has been hard with the eating only right now. The excercise is not a problem for me at this point. Changing your lifestyle and habits is a tough thing to do and I know sometimes I just have to suffer through it. I have hopes that one day it will be easier. Happy Thanksgiving!

A great inspiration article I read about overcoming weight-loss setbacks!

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