Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weight loss during the holidays?

Ok, I am stressed a bit today. My house not selling is causing me some anxiety.

Anyway, I lost 2 pds this week and am proud of myself for losing the week of Thanksgiving. I gained last week but lost I think something might of been off with my water or something. I had Subway last week (Tuesday night) for dinner and I think the chips and sandwich are loaded with salt.

I have to say that somehow this whole lifestyle change is getting a bit least this week. My last weight watchers attempt seemed to be much more emotionally hard. Anyway, a while back I ordered the Nordictrack Level 2 chip for my treadmill and it has been trying to ship for about a month now. I really don't know what is going on with that? The arrival date said it would now be here on the 29th. I am looking forward for some reason to doing some new programs...even though the Level 1 seemed really hard at first. I also added yoga last week and that has been a bit challenging, more so then I remember...but maybe I was more flexible before?

So a new week starts and I hope to continue my success even with my current stresses. I guess when I bought my house and fixed it up I thought it would be easier to sell? It is hard to sell a house. :(

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