Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Strike that, reverse it

Yes I am an 80's child. Anyway, it is my weigh-in day and I did not gain but actually lost .6 pds. A little over half. The scale plays weird tricks on me. I know your not suppossed to weigh yourself everyday or whatever...but sometimes I just like to. So 3 candy bars can = weight loss? A little confusing, but it is calories in vs. calories out so I guess I was at a deficit. It is a dreary day in Michigan today, winter is coming. And my goal to step it up and cut down on sugar is still on of course. I want to lose at least a pound a week.

I did not mention before but I am going on a cruise in March to the Carribean and I really want to get to goal so I don't feel like a big fatty in my swimsuit. I love to swim and am hoping to get a tankini that actually looks good on me for my cruise.

Thanks for the comments!

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