Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stressful boredom

Well, I hope I have some readers out there even though I blog for myself. I always have the hope I can help some people out with their own weight loss attempts. So then I feel like my blog is mutually beneficial.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about stress eating and boredom eating. I am realizing much more about how I deal with stress. I don't deal with stress well. I think my entire life I have been eating to deal with stress for a temporary fix. I now realize that it didn't help me. I had so much built up anxiety that I was keeping myself awake at night or having panic attacks. The food helped until I went to bed and subconciously brought it up. I wonder if anyone ever overcomes their vices of dealing with stress? Does this just happen with age?

So now that I know this I am always on the look out for stress induced eating. Like on Sunday when my leaf blower would not start, I got stressed and what did I do? I thought about going to TCBY and eating a peanut butter cup flurry. I thought about the yummy cold sweetness it is. Then when I woke up from this distraction I realized it really wasn't going to help me feel better in the situation. I thought if I let myself fall back into old patterns, my clothes won't fit and then I have another problem.

Also on the weekends and weeknights I get bored and dream up what I want to eat. So this is my "boredom eating" side. I often get so bored that eating sounds really fun. Like going out to TGIF and eating spinach artichoke dip and a burger and fries...that sounds like more fun then what I am doing now. I try to get up and do something at that point, otherwise I will drive myself crazy. Also sleeping is a good alternative to this too.

So how do you all deal with your eating triggers? How do you deal with cravings and when you do cave what are the situations around it?


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the Core plan on Weight Watchers on line. I weigh in on Monday a.m. Hubby and I go out for one meal during the week. Sometimes on Monday or Tuesday I do some low fat baking and either I freeze part or hubby takes the rest into work. Then by the weekend my weight is similar to my beginning of the week weigh in. Hopefully I have gone down a pound or two by my next week weigh in. I do tweak some but it seems to be working for me.


Estellia said...

Hi Val,
Sounds to me like you have a good system working. I do the flexpoints plan only because it has more flexibility for me. I am trying to just get to the point of understanding it is just a process and you just have to do your best each week and hope that it pays off. Thanks for your comments.