Thursday, November 1, 2007

The day after Halloween

Well, did I do well on Halloween?....umm, I would say it is an improvement from previous Halloweens...but I still ate more candy than I should of. My boyfriend insisted he buy the trick or treater candy because I guess he didn't trust me all that much with the task. He knows my history. So since he did that, what did I do? I bought myself 3 candy bars and ate all 3 after dinner. It was so good...but it was hard to stop once I ate I went on to the candy he bought. He bought Pay Days and Twizzlers. I ate one of each after that. I totaled 25 points over for the day. Oh, I forgot to mention that Wednesday my 35 flex points get renewed so it seems that I had an extra excuse to be bad. I also rationalized all of this in my head somehow. The whole lifestyle changing thing is a catch22 in a way. Can I never eat candy on any Halloween in the future? In reality, not likely. So that is how I rationalized it. I also don't pay for Weight Watchers and do the program on my own. I used to have it at work and they cancelled it. Anyway, todays another day. I will start again.

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Anonymous said...

My hubby said we should have $1 coins to hand out-I had suggested getting some quarters ready. We don't get any kids out here in the country, but I like to be prepared just in case.