Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Down .6

I lost .6 this week. I am fine with that since I did not exercise much this week. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to get back to 180. I think fluctuating between 180 and 182 for the holidays would be ideal for me right now. After that though I want to start working harder at getting off about 10 pounds. I think I will always have a goal of losing 10 pounds...I wonder if that is good or bad? Is it bad to always want to lose another 10 or is it not accepting yourself? I really don't know...or perhaps it keeps you wanting to continue to live healthily?

Anyway, I am hoping to get in some more exercising this week because the WoW Burning Crusade came out and the bf is binging on it, so I have more time to myself. This might be a good thing to get in more exercising and take the doggy for her last remaining days at the dog park. My membership runs out on Nov. 19, so no more happy doggy until next spring. I hope to brave the cold and take her on a couple of short walks during the week in the winter..if I can handle it. It gets really cold.

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