Monday, November 3, 2008

Not feeling so good

I did have a good weekend, but a crazy one. I ate more candy and pizza than I should of and then followed that up with a full thanksgiving dinner at the bf's moms house on Sunday. Wow...I still feel stuffed. I went more overboard than I should of and on Saturday was ridden with guilt and concern about myself. I was fully aware of shoving candy bar after candy bar in my mouth as well as pizza after slice of pizza..but I did it anyway. I am not sure if I eat for any other reason other than that I enjoy eating...

I find it strange that people are often trying to label themselves with a condition for eating, but I have to say I just like eating...and I am well aware of what I am doing when doing it. All I can do now is try to take the next couple of weeks and try to get it off. I also have TOM this weigh I am thinking it might be an overwhelming large gain. I must remind myself that the week after this will be better...and try not to freak myself out!!

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