Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Up .8 and making a fresh start

Okay, so I weighed in today and I was .8 up from last week. I was thinking that I gained about 1 to 2 pounds, so this falls in line with it. I am now 2.8 pounds up from what I like to stay at, which is 180. I am going to take the next couple of weeks to try and get it off. I know I also have to figure in a little for TOM I am hoping that the 2.8 pounds will come off fairly easy. I also hope that one day I will stop beating myself up for the times of the year where I have weaknesses for food. Halloween and Christmas..I decided are the biggest times of the year for me. The other times I usually don't go too overboard. I think this is only because I don't have any fondness for regular food..except for maybe pizza. I like regular food, but I don't care for fast food or greasy foods or overheating home cooked meals. My big problem (that everyone is aware of if they have ever read anything here) is sugar. I love sweets, and that is where my diet goes wrong. I was craving sweets hardcore yesterday..and some of that is TOM also. I didn't really give in too much, especially in the evening..I had a healthy fruit smoothie.

I also did a google search yesterday to see what I could do to stop myself from wanting sweets so bad. I did a hypoglycemia test and rated somewhere around 61% positive for it. That is crazy. But there is no medication or anything for hypoglycemia, just eating every 3 hours or so and trying to balance out your blood sugar. I did see a nutritionist before and she told me that I may be hypoglycemic also. This scares me because I have type 2 diabetes running in my family and I am really scared that I am going to get it. This is a big reason, besides vanity for me to keep exercising and balancing out my diet. I still want to loose at least another 10 pounds, but being at 180 seems maintainable for me...or perhaps it is that set point theory coming into play? Perhaps I could maintain just as well at 160 or 170..if I could only get there. Anyway for now, maintaining is my best bet with everything coming up. My birthday is next Friday, then Thanksgiving...then a bit of a break and Christmas and parties and New Years...then perhaps another look at losing another 10 pounds. I like that plan and think it is easily doable.

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