Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay, I am not freaking out anymore and feel much more sane again. I think I needed some extra sleep or something. I am trying my best to get my extra weight off and reminding myself that it just takes some time. In time my weight will go down again. I don't need to panic or stop eating my flex points...I just need to exercise again and write my food down.

Today started out stressful, but it is getting better. The fact that it is Friday is the best reason of all to be happy. We are going to see Bolt in Imax 3D on Saturday and I am so excited. We also are going to the Chinese buffet..uggh. I am saving my flex points for that this week. I love it, but I always end up eating too much of the fried stuff and not enough of the fresh sushi that is there.

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