Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More normality

I am either feeling better or I am getting used to being stuffy. It is nice to feel more normal. I lifted and did cardio last night. I got a little stuffy after the treadmill...which I took it easy on. Just 20 minutes at low intensity. I think I will just ease my way back up to more time and higher impact. I felt proud of myself because I always try to lift at least once a week, and I got it in. I have been waiting to weigh myself until tomorrow, so I don't know where the weight is exactly. I am hoping the same or lower than last week....but I just don't know. I decided once a week is fine for weighing..I used to weigh myself every day, and I just freaked myself out too much with it. Everything I read says once a week is great. I am gently easing back to my routine. The good news is that my clothes still fit great. I plan on doing a lot better this next coming week..except for this Friday, it is my birthday..and I will be going out to eat and getting an ice cream cake from TCBY. This is my tradition, and I would never think about not eating cake or ice cream on my birthday.

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