Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weight gain :(

Yesterday was Tuesday and I weigh in on Wednesday mornings. I weighed in today to find that I have gained 2.2 pounds. I am not happy about this, but I have to say I did not have a great eating day yesterday. The power got cut off at work so we were able to go home early. I stopped at the store to get ingredients for a veggie soup I was making for dinner..and my eyes saw chocolate covered cashews....and I went for it. I love nuts in chocolate especially lately....which has never been a vice of mine before. I was also experiencing some anxiety issues (not sure why). So yesterday I overate and it was reflected on the scale this morning.

I am also guilty of not writing down what I ate this week and totally knocking off exercising. I didn't not exercise...but the time and intensity of it was just not there. I ate cake and chocolate on the weekend with no mind to how many calories I was taking in. I have to say I totally deserved the weight gain...and I am NOT happy about it. I must get this under control.

Last night I was watching a tivo'd show on Discovery called "Extreme Bodies: Super Obese" and it had so many facts and figures about weight gain & loss that it made my head spin. I have never seen such an informative show on obesity before. It is a bad and crazy cycle to get yourself into. Your body can become so efficient at keeping fat that it becomes near impossible for some of these people to keep their hunger under control. I didn't believe that these people couldn't help themselves..but I believe that their bodies are fighting against them to keep the weight on. I have no idea why a body would want to keep an extra 200 pounds though? I just don't get that.

So I must fight against my body to get this 4.4 pounds off...and I wish Thanksgiving wasn't around the corner, but it is only one day! I should be okay.

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