Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been a little excessive lately, but I have to say that it really made me happy. I have been eating what I want and not really writing it down and shopping for extra things for the house...even though I should be saving because Christmas is next month. I guess I felt like, it is my birthday and I can spoil myself a little. I am not sure if that is a good reason, but it felt like it was. I bought a new comforter and sheet set and it is so nice and comfy, it is even harder for me to get out of bed now! Forget working out in the morning...at least at this point. I blame my new comfy bed for not getting up to workout...yada yada yada. Man I can make myself believe just about anything. I guess that is a normal human personality characteristic..you can talk yourself into just about anything. At least I know I am in partial denial..right?

Anyway, back to reality. I really want to buckle down and eat right this week. Nothing all that special is coming up this week and I just really want to get to a lower weight before thanksgiving. I really don't have any extra leeway...and I don't want to come out of this month gaining 5 pounds that I can't get off. I did the WiiFit last night and I had my first over 40 fitness age...how can it change so much in a day?

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