Tuesday, December 11, 2007

15 pounds and people are starting to notice

I had to blog again today because 2 people stopped me in my office building and told me that I look great. Well, one lady said "svelte" and the other said "slimming down." Anyway, it is nice that people are noticing. I was so proud of myself after losing 10 pounds that I thought everyone would notice...and they didn't. That bummed me out a little, but I think a lot of people wouldn't notice 10 pounds. I find that after losing about 20 pounds...people seem to comment a lot more (at least they did in my other weight loss attempts). I wish it wasn't that way because I need the positive motivation when I am first starting to loose more than any other time. It is nice to finally get the comments.

I am also a bit happy because I got a $40 gift card to Starbucks from my boss. I am severely addicted to lattes and I can drink them anytime of day. I was thinking about all those celebrities that always drink Starbucks. For some reason, I think it is one of the best treats around.

I am trying to cheer myself up and distract myself because I still am feeling pretty stressed out from trying to get my house sold and money and the strain it causes in my household. I know people say that money can't buy happiness, but it sure would make me happier right about now. What is the saying, you can never be too rich or too thin. Well, maybe you can be too thin. Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss. It's nice when people notice and you start to get comments and compliments.
What a great gift. My hubby likes Starbucks-he likes venti's. My complaint is they don't have regular orange pekoe tea. After a tall coffee out sometimes tea is nice to sip later in the day.


Estellia said...

Do you ever go to Barnes & Noble? They have great teas from Harney & Sons, and I believe they have an orange pekoe. I like the peppermint and the cinnamon! It is a great treat and warms you up.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a Barnes & Noble in this area. I haven't heard about Harney & Sons brand but will keep an eye out for it.