Monday, December 17, 2007

Do plateaus exist or I am just eating too much?

I am determined to break my 190 plateau this week. I have been hovering around 190 for the last 2 weeks. Is this a plateau or is it in my head? I think it is in my head.

Why? I think I may of eaten a little too much last week. I had a bit too much of peppermint ice cream and choc. chips and marshmallows. I thought I had accounted for these splurges, but I don't think I really did.

I now recall eating almost an entire bag of chocolate chips last week and not really counting it accurately. I cut myself off this week from buying either of them and got rid of any lingering amount left. I would snack on choc. chips or marshmallows when I wanted a treat after dinner, instead of having a dessert. I would just count 2 points for it and call it good. What I thought was just a handful probably was more like a cup, etc.

So I have not done that this week, so I will see how it goes on Wednesday. I am trying to not have too much excitement over food, but the boyfriend said we are going for Thai food on Friday. Yeah! My favorite food is Thai and I have not had it for about 6 months. I feel like Homer Simpson with a donut, YUMMM.

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