Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cold weather and carbs

I read an article today on FitSugar that in the shorter days of winter most people do not get enough Vitamin D because of the lack of sunshine, so what do they do? They eat more carbs to release more serotonin to feel good and replace the lack of sunshine. I also saw something on Oprah recently about living in the midwest/northwest about lack of vitamin D. So the conclusion on fitsugar was just to excercise more. Not sure if that is the most common sense answer to most of us..but I think it is good advice.

I will excercise more and....I take the Viactiv vitamins (because they taste good) and the Calcium chews, looks like to get 100% of Vitamin D I have to start eating 2. That is not a problem, they are caramel flavored and taste good. Calories are 20 each. So zero points for 2. Lets see if this makes a difference at all? Next week I will probably read on MSNBC that taking vitamins are bad for you, I always feel there is conflicting information (especially on that site) for healthy lifestyle changes. I really think they need to somehow find more neutral positions for reporting this stuff.

So anyways, I can't predict my weigh-in this week because it is technically not Wednesday...but I think I may have a maintain week. Who knows though, right? I just hope for less stress and look forward to the week and a half break I will be getting soon. Hope I don't get too bored. I am thinking bored may be good for me.

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